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New CeraRoot patent

 🥰LOVE for the 2021 !!🥰

CeraRoot has registered in DEC/2020 a Patent for the new Tissue Level (TL) ceramic implant at both the US ( and the European ( patent offices.
The main novelty is that it incorporates the 🥰LOVE🥰 connexion, which is a dual internal and external connexion, that provides with the advantages of both the one-piece and two-piece ceramic dental implants. The implant will come in three diameters (Models: 16, 21 and 34) with exactly the same intrabony design as the CeraRoot monotype.
The surface finish will also be the successful and well established acid etched CeraRoot "ICE" surface.

The new implant is expected to be launched in the market by the end of 2021 after the Notified Body BSI ( has given its market approval certificate.